There are many reasons for choosing online counselling or psychotherapy. Maybe you find it difficult to travel to see someone face-to-face; you might live in another country, or simply prefer the convenience and privacy of your own surroundings.

Many people lead such busy lives these days, that cutting out travelling time can be a real advantage, as well as being able to ‘see’ your therapist out of normal working hours.

​Whatever your reasons are, there are different ways that we can work confidentially and securely together, such as on Skype, by email, or instant text messaging.

We can even agree to do some of each: you might feel more comfortable with a particular medium, such as writing emails or texts, or prefer the visual method of counselling on Skype. You can read about these in the 'how' section.

Online counselling/psychotherapy can be useful for receiving support for a wide range of difficulties, very similar to face-to-face. It also has the benefits of being able to book an appointment in the near future as opposed to having to wait up to several weeks, which can often be the case with face-to-face counselling.

However, it's really important to choose the right person to work with you. As you read through this site, you’ll see that I offer a FREE trial ‘taster’ on Skype.

This is an opportunity for you to have a proper chat, and see, hear and feel what I’m like, without any obligations. Many people find this a useful way of allaying any concerns they might have about what actually happens.